You Have Forgotten Me
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About Ron and the Song
Ron L. Edwards, Veteran (USMC) - Photo  2007 Kathryn EdwardsAbout Ron:

Ron Edwards, born Ronald Louis Edwards on August 16, 1954, was raised in Queens, New York. Ron attended the Benjamin Cordoza High School in Bayside Queens. After graduating in 1969, Ron continued working for American Advertising Specialties selling promotional advertising products. In 1975 Ron opened Tender Loving Care Furniture Repair which he operated until 1981. Ron enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1981 and stayed with this elite Corps until being Honorably Discharged from Camp Pendleton out of San Diego, California in 1985. His boot camp was on Paris Island and lasted 12 weeks. He was in Advanced Infantry training out of Camp Le June, and his permanent duty station was at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station 1st Battalion, 3rd marines and 1st Marine Brigade, Headquarters Company / Alpha Company.

It was upon Ron's discharge that his homeless period began. Having left Camp Pendleton, Ron headed to L.A. in the hopes of making it as a singer/songwriter. The $1,000 in his pocket didn't last long and so for 4 months he was homeless. A woman took pity upon his street existence after two months and provided Ron with a floor to sleep on for $25 a week.

It was from this deeply humbling experience that Ron draws upon in his commitment and compassion to the every growing number of homeless Veterans.

Ron L. Edwards, Veteran (USMC) - Photo  2007 Kathryn Edwards Today, Ron and his wife Kathryn
 are co-owners and respectively
 President and Vice-President of
 Focus Advertising Specialties,
 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

 Ron & Kathryn live together 
 with their son, River, and have 
 been residents of New Mexico 
 since 1988 and 1994 

About The Song:

New Mexico Veterans' Cabinet Secretary, John Garcia, who had heard Ron sing at a Veterans' Officers retreat, asked Ron to write a song about the plight of Homeless Veterans. Shortly thereafter, Ron awoke one morning at 4:30 a.m. and wrote down "You Have Forgotten Me". The Song came quickly and powerfully.

The next step was to find a producer. Ron approached Santa Fe producer, Larry Mitchell (a 2008 Grammy Award winning Producer for "Totemic Flutes" by Robert Mirabal on Silver Wave records) and within days the song was almost done. Just as they were finishing, Kathy Sabo, an artist Larry was working with on another album, happened into the Studio. Larry enlisted her to provide her vocals toward the end of the song. Ron played some of the acoustic guitar parts; Larry Mitchell plays electric & acoustic guitars, bass, drums, drum programming & keyboards.

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